Rubin Cottage


Design Team


Angela Reynolds Designs


Cary Hancock Designs


Carousel Kitchen & Bath


Chelsea Lane & Co.


Cynthia Thomas Interiors


Fava Design Group


Jack Fhillips Design, LLC


Joseph Pubillones Interiors


Melody Smith Interiors


NXG Studio


Robert St. Croix

In November, 2012 Kidsanctuary Campus celebrated the opening of its first home on campus, the Rubin Cottage, named in honor of the J.M. Rubin Foundation which generously sponored this new home.


The interior design and décor was donated by our incredible team of local interior designers and their suppliers led by Angela Reynolds. J.M. Rubin Cottage was built entirely on the generosity of our donors.


Angela's advice to the girls: "Never look back except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future." 


Today it is home to six young foster girls who have been given the opportunity to live in a safe, nurturing family environment.


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KidSanctuary Campus is a 501(c)(3) charity. Click here to download our certificate. (PDF)​​​​​

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