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Dodero Cottage

Design Team


Fava Design Group


A. Keith Powell Interior Design


Angela Reynolds Designs


Antrobus + Ramirez


B + G Design


Britto Charette Design


Deborah Wecselman Design


Furze-Bard & Associates


Mendez Vela Design Collection


Pepe Calderin Design


Puschendorf Interiors


Sam Robin Interior Design


Robert St. Croix Sculpture


Stephen Mooney Interiors


William Bernard Design Group

KidSanctuary Campus opened their second home, Dodero Cottage on August 1, 2014. Joe Fava, design chair was there to welcome the six girls and their foster parents into their new home.


He decorated the kitchen, living room and powder room in modern motifs that ooze pink, purple and taupe.


“It’s pretty spectacular,” said Mr. Fava. “It’s probably going to be one of the most sophisticated looking houses that anybody’s seen for awhile. Pinks and purples — that was kind of the overall theme,” Mr. Fava said. “The designers really stepped up to the plate. Everyone just got into it. It continually amazes me how generous people are, especially in the design community. I’m proud of that, and I’m proud of them."


“These kids have been through horrendous periods at such an early stage of their lives,” he continued. “For us to be able to come together as community and pool our efforts to create these spaces, that just shows the girls that there are people out there who care.”

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