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Debra Tornaben


A letter from the President, Debra Tornaben:


Throughout my personal and professional life I have been an advocate for children, education, and the arts and followed the teachings of Mother Theresa. As a Founding Trustee of WXEL and host of a local PBS television series, I have had the platform to be a voice for the homeless and hungry, the abandoned and abused. Several of the programs that I produced and hosted addressed the crises in the nation's foster care system and the overwhelming need for safe housing for these children locally. KidSanctuary Campus was one of those interviews that brought me to tears. It was, and still is, a story of hope and a mission of love realized by the hard work and dedication of an incredible woman, Connie Frankino.

My love for the forgotten and abused children and KidSanctuary Campus' mission, which impacts the lives of local foster care children, brought me out of a very brief retirement.


It is my honor to serve as President of KidSanctuary Campus, and I look forward to working with all of the leaders of the community and supporters like you to complete this life-changing campus. I hope you will join as a supporter and become an Ambassador of KidSanctuary Campus to help us make dreams a reality and make a difference in the life of a foster care child.

Mother Teresa said, “being unwanted and unloved is a much greater poverty
than the person who has nothing to eat."


Feed the soul of a child and support KidSanctuary Campus today.

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