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A Special Word of Thanks from the Children at Rubin Cottage

It’s Christmas morning at Kid Sanctuary

House Parents are awake but it’s not voluntary.

The kids are excited to open their gift

But before we start let’s make a slight shift!

From getting to giving let’s turn our heart

Jesus is the place we need to start!

It’s HIS birthday we celebrate.

He gives us the gifts, now that’s first rate!

He doesn’t just honor us on the day of his birth,

But on each and every day we spend on His earth.

He gives us so much all through the year

Did we notice his gifts in this house right here?

Let’s see….

In 2015 there were many changes

That brought together eight people as God arranges.

The year began with Tasha, the oldest of six,

And Cyntheria whom God had added to the mix.

On the first day of the new year He made it quite clear

That Karla also should be part of the family here.

In March came Lydia, the youngest of all

But God wasn’t finished, who else would He call?

Not children but house parents came instead

Mr. Madiou & Ms. Julie came on ahead!

In the fall Zyah came, light as a feather

October brought Nay Nay and we were all together.

There were others who came, and others who went

But at the end there were eight and we were quite content!

So what gifts did God give us throughout the year?

Keep listening intently and you will hear!

We are thankful for a home and being alive

For God all around us to help us survive.

For toys to play with and food to eat,

Our beds and our rooms just can’t be beat!

We are thankful for each other

For every father, mother, sister, brother.

And while we miss our families every day

We are so grateful for a place to stay.

Ms. Angela is awesome and great

And someone we really appreciate.

And don’t forget Ms. Stephanie who does our hair

A person for whom we love and care.

We are thankful for our friends far and near

And for all those whom we hold dear.

For school and the ability to learn

For transportation to go and return.

For tutors and teachers, and libraries and books

And for a houseparent who knows how to cook.

For gifts and talents like good grades and dance

And so many activities our lives to enhance.

For Ms. Laura and others to listen to our fears

And for you God for catching all of our tears.

For church and the Bible, for music and prayer,

For visits with family and others who care.

For boyfriends and husbands and best friends too

God for all these things we are grateful to you.

For short days and long days and each day more

And Lord we even thank you for giving us chores.

For DCM’s, mentors and all who help us

We will try to respect them and not make a fuss.

For we know in the end it is you in control

Looking out for our future and our very soul.

For a kitchen to cook in and toilets to use

For TV to entertain us and beds in which to snooze.

For eyes that see and legs that walk,

Noses that smell and voices that talk.

For ears to hear and hands to use

We pray that our senses we will never loose.

For waking in the morning and sleeping at night

For keeping us close and shining your light.

We could go on and on forever and ever

Your wonderful gifts seem to run out never.  

We love you and thank you on this Christmas Day

May we never forget that you are the way.

Guide us, protect us throughout the new year 

Keep our hearts and your heart very near.

For each one in this house is not here by mistake

You brought us together a new family to make.



On behalf of all the children at KidSanctuary Campus, thank you for making the Holiday season extra special!

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GG Marlene Spa

Ibis Golf & Country Club Residents

The Ladies of the Pompano Beach Moose Lodge

Meg Weinberger, Carla Pisani, and the Professional Partners Committee

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