Dr. Mehmet Oz

My medical, media, and non-profit initiatives have afforded me the privilege of meeting some of the country’s most devoted and tireless advocated for a better America. Connie Frankino is one of the best advocates I have ever known.


Her commitment to the causes of some of Amrica’s most vulnerable children is awe-inspiring. Her authenticity and humility are rare. Her generosity and warmth are legendary. It has been a joy supporting her efforts as well as partnering with her through my non-profit HealthCorps.org.


Although I cannot make it in person to the Hoedown of the Luncheon, I hope to see you on January 21, 2019 at 1000 North for the 1000 Wishes Ambassadors reception.

Dr. Mehmet Oz - KidsSanctuary Campus Ambassador was the guest of honor at the 1000 Wishes  Ambassadors reception at 1000 North in Jupiter.  

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